The Inside Scoop on Sales Success

Positive sales growth is essential for every successful and long-lasting for-profit company. Achieving consistent sales growth requires a solid sales plan, effective sales processes, a trained and well-aligned sales team. Even smart business leaders can continually learn and improve using good sales tips.

The Importance of Sales Growth

Sales growth is an essential goal as well as a critical measure of a business’ health. Sales growth is important because it leads to more profits. It enables the acquisition of new assets, expanding the company’s reach, products or services, hiring, and retaining quality employees. And it contributes to increased market share.

Declining sales can come from a weak sales team, increased competition, problems with a company’s products or services, deficiencies in customer service, negative market feedback, or wrong product or pricing policies. Smart business leaders will review all aspects of their organization to improve their selling characteristics.

Characteristics of Strong Sales Personnel

One of the key sales tips is to hire and train sales personnel to have these characteristics of sales success:

  • Have a passionate belief in the company, its products, or services.
  • Be curious about the customers and ways to reach them.
  • Be focused. Great sales reps need to concentrate on essential tasks to reach success.
  • Be resourceful, enabling a rep to reach out in effective ways to potential customers.
  • Be confident. You need to believe in yourself before others will believe in you.
  • Be resilient and persistent. Sales don’t fall from the sky, so it takes some mental toughness to work through rejection and discouragement.
  • Be competitive. Successful salespersons should strive to be the best they can be.
  • Be disciplined. It takes discipline to stick with the sales process to close each sales opportunity.
  • Be a critical thinker. Selling is not robotic. It takes a thoughtful approach to meet the needs of each customer.
  • Be honest. Making undeliverable promises, misrepresenting the company, or telling lies is a sure path to failure.

Successful Sales Tips

Successful sales reps will utilize these sales tips to develop a winning sales record:

  1. Acquire thorough product/service knowledge. Be able to explain how the product or service works. Know its value, its reasons for appeal, and each of its strongest features.
  2. Develop strategic skills for prospecting. This involves some digging for referrals, looking back at both closed and lost opportunities for insights, and finding ways to go well beyond the traditional cold calls approach.
  3. Listen actively and ask good follow-up questions that lead to insights about the customers that will lead to ways to delight them
  4. Build rapport and trust in every call.
  5. Communicate effectively. The tone of voice, the way questions are asked and answered, even the clarity and confidence imparted in speech are all important factors in selling success.
  6. Learn how to anticipate objections and preempt them with solid information.
  7. Be able to manage time effectively by focusing on the efforts that matter most.
  8. Learn how to effectively get commitments leading to solid sales closes
  9. Continue to manage the customer relationship after the sale. Gaining continued sales from satisfied customers is far more effective and productive than starting fresh with every contact.

Management Sales Tips

The sales management process is critical too. That includes setting goals, monitoring sales performance, and coaching for improvement.

To Achieve Sales Success, Seek Outside Expertise

As a fractional VP of Sales, James Bellew works with small to medium-sized business owners to build or rebuild their sales organizations. That includes sales strategy, processes, building, establishing, and aligning sales teams and their sales tools.