Almost 80 percent of companies report that they are suffering from a leadership gap. Not enough innovative and experienced guidance coming from the top level can cause good talent to leave and bottom lines to suffer.

Having strong leadership skills, whether you are a manager or a C-suite executive, can make all the difference in succeeding or failing. Are you in need of high-quality and innovative leadership skills?

Here are some of the core leadership tips that are necessary to be an innovative leader.

1. Articulate Your Vision

The first step to becoming an innovative leader is to have a vision for where you want your sales team or company to go. You can’t get caught up in the weeds of the day-to-day or what software platforms you need to get tasks done more efficiently.

You need to have a big picture idea, plan, and vision for where you want to lead your team. Remember. Think big.

2. Build Loyalty and Respect Within Your Team

They say that people don’t leave companies; they leave managers. It is critical that you build a team that fosters respect and loyalty to really excel.

Don’t forget that loyalty is a two-way street. It is important that you back up your employees and that your employees know you are looking out for their best interests.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Risk

To achieve results you’ve never had, you need to do things that have never been done. Do not be afraid of risk. Encourage your team to think boldly and take chances without fear of punishment (within reason, of course).

You will spark much more creativity and vision out of your employees if you give them the space to be bold and create new ways of doing things.

4. Be a Persuasive Communicator

Brush up on your communication skills. Learn the art of persuasion. These will all help you get across your ideas better, as well as make people more inclined to trust and follow you.

5. Prioritize Speed

While luck favors the prepared, fortune favors the fast. You can’t be letting months or even weeks go by without tangible progress toward your goals. Speed matters. Especially when justifying any hiring or spending, you need to prove that you are getting results.

Up-Level Your Leadership Skills to Boost Sales and Profitability

Are you ready to up-level your leadership skills and sales teams and start boosting your profitability? Once you have the right mindset, anything becomes possible as you work to build a best-in-class sales team.

If you want to ensure your sales team gets the boost that it needs, reach out to James Bellew. As a Fractional Sales VP, he can lend your team the leadership and guidance needed to excel while being mindful of budgetary parameters.

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