Want to maximize your sales efforts, grow your business, and do it affordably?  If your answer is yes, you may benefit from hiring a fractional Vice President of Sales.

What is a fractional VP of Sales?

A fractional VP of Sales is an executive leader with many years of experience in the field of sales and sales leadership with successful results. They work in your business on a part-time basis and usually for a finite engagement. 

They work with you and your team to lead the sales efforts you need such as:  partnering with other company executives, strategizing a strong sales plan, implementing the processes and methodology to execute the plan, hiring the sales team if needed, managing daily sales, and more. 

They aren’t consultants in the conventional way we think about getting help, your Fractional VP of sales will be an active leader for you. You give them the authority to design, execute, and lead with the accountability that you would give a permanent hire. Sometimes companies will grow with only fractional executives, never having the need for a full-time hire. 

What are the benefits of fractional VP of sales?

The benefits of hiring a Fractional VP of Sales allows you to accomplish your strategy with all expertise necessary, while spending less of your resources, i.e. time, money, and energy than would be required with a full time executive.    

They bring an outside perspective

Bringing in someone from the outside with sales leadership expertise can deliver a fresh and engaged perspective different from those who have been engrossed in the daily operations for years.  Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Having someone come into your company with a different perspective can inspire new sales strategies with a new world view. 

They establish a sales culture that supports and maximizes sales results

By hiring a Fractional VP of Sales you have the opportunity to bring in the outside perspective and establish a culture needed to meet your business needs. With the right character fit and the proper communication, you can have someone who

  • Encourages growth, learning, and development of the team
  • Who understands the needs of the business
  • Can build a team that is diverse, celebrates each other’s contributions, and is strong enough for the growth you want. 

They give you and your team time to focus on other priority tasks without worrying about sales generation

Hiring a Fractional VP of Sales gives you and your team the time and capacity to keep focused on the priorities that must be attended to because your Fractional VP will take care of sales so you don’t have to. They will take on the daily sales operations to make sure tactics are aligned with strategy. You can count on this leader to be hands-on and fully accountable to do what is needed to move sales forward.  

They could be assigned to oversee:  

  • Designing and executing a sales process and methodology
  • Hiring the right sales team for the job
  • Sales mentoring and coaching
  • Working directly with marketing to make sure there is consistent messaging
  • Developing the right sales plan
  • Leveraging relationships to add the needed resources to your team

They don’t disrupt the flow of business

Hiring a fractional VP shouldn’t disrupt your day-to-day business flow. Here are just a few additional benefits of this temporary position:

  • They more than likely will work remotely so finding extra office space isn’t required. 
  • Their purpose is to do so well that they work themselves out of a job. 
  • While they’re “watching the sales store” for you, you can be building your company so you can afford to hire a full-time sales leader.
  • They are easier to let go if they’re not working out for you. A full-time executive can be difficult to fire and can be fraught with legal and costly pitfalls.
  • They are less costly because they don’t require the bonuses, benefits, and perks that come with full-time executive.

Do you need a fractional executive?

Overall, considering hiring a Fractional VP of Sales is a good move.  Ask yourself whether what I’ve offered fits your company scenario. If you’re looking to hire a fractional VP of Sales for your business, James Bellew can help! Reach out today.

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