Struggling to turn your sales around?

I can help! As an Outsourced VP of Sales, I focus on sales so you can focus on running your business.


Build a sales strategy that works.


An Outsourced VP of Sales will let you get back to what you love doing.


A Sales Team and Process should work together to improve business GROWTH.

Meet your guide to sales SUCCESS.

The key to a successful sales strategy? LEADERSHIP

Hi, I’m James Bellew and I will get you back on track with sales.

I help small to mid-size busines owners turn their sales teams and processes from a liability to an asset. As an Outsourced Vice President of Sales, I will assess and direct your sales effort to achieve breakthrough sales performance.


  • You get a VP of Sales on a fractional basis, dedicating 1 or 2 days each week to your sales organization.
  • We develop a written and detailed Scope of Work (SOW) with schedules and timelines that clearly describe the discipline, accountability and infrastructure we will build to grow sales.
  • As your VP of Sales I create accountability, discipline & a culture for success to lead your sales effort forward.

Problems our clients are facing:


We have no formal sales process.


We lost a big customer - now what?


I am doing too many things and none of them well enough.


Inability to find the right sales person for my company, industry or products.


What we did in the past is no longer working.

Let James Bellew lead you on the path to SALES SUCCESS.


Outsourced VP of Sales

Business Owners need to run their business, so we step in and run their sales team. An Outsourced VP of Sales implements the sales plan by taking on all the aspects involved with building the sales infrastructure and leading the sales team.

Investment Sales Analysis

Provides an in-depth due diligence analysis of sales to help Business Owners or investors make profit-aligned decisions when buying or selling a company. Clients gain key insights concerning the true state of a company’s sales infrastructure, resources and how capable it is to grow at the desired pace.

Sales Planning

A comprehensive plan that provides a detailed sales business plan, the hiring of appropriate salespeople, along with building an appropriate sales infrastructure that leads to the effective management of the sales team.

Sales Recruiting

The solution to finding sales candidates that deliver breakaway revenue results based on your unique needs by combining extensive sales leadership expertise with a Talent Manager experienced in sourcing high-caliber sales talent.

Sales Discovery

Provides an evaluation of a company’s ability to meet sales objectives by evaluating the key success drivers: Sales Strategy, Sales Methodology, Performance Management and Sales Organization.

Value Proposition

Two half-day workshops conducted to help your leadership team (1) create clear messaging so your company stands out to the right customers, and (2) develop a focused and concise statement of how your products or services solve a customer’s problem.

What is a Fractional VP of Sales?

The expertise without all the expense – Many companies are large enough to require a dedicated sales executive but don’t have the budget for a full time person. A Fractional VP of Sales gives you all the expertise of a sales executive without all the added expense.

A Dedicated Ball Carrier for Sales – Many businesses reach a ceiling when their founder or executive team has too many commitments. A Fractional VP of Sales leads your entire sales team through a process of evaluation and implementation to meet your sales objectives.

A C-Suite Partner you can rely on – Sales must integrate into the rest of your business for cash-flow forecasting, hiring and supply. A Fractional VP of Sales enables you to have another voice in the conversation when integrating your sales into the rest of your business.

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